According to the Law of Faith

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From time to time, guest bloggers will share something wonderful on this site. The first is from a dear friend who wrote to me some years ago when I was thinking and speaking less carefully than I do now. She has consented to the following reproduction, title, and attribution. Enjoy!

According to the Law of Faith


There are no experiences that you HAVE to go through. The universe is not trying to teach you lessons. You are one being with two aspects, one non-physical (which we call God, Source, Divine Love, etcetera) and one physical (which we call Seleta). The non-physical aspect of you knows everything, and since it is one with you there is nothing you need to learn. While you are in this world, your aspects have different roles. Your non-physical flows energy, which is EVERYTHING through you and in the direction of your focus. Your role in this world is to focus in such a way to direct the energy and open up the biggest channel to let in the most energy.


You aren’t here to learn anything. You are here to have the most wonderful and joyous experiences possible. Your role as the physical aspect is to focus in such a way that you force open the doorway so that the energy that is your non-physical self can rush through. You can tell how much you have opened the door by the way you feel. When you feel good, you are focusing in a way that opens your energy channels. When you don’t feel good you know that you are focusing in a way to shut the door.


Your current experience is just an indicator that over time you have focused in such a way where you have limited the flow of energy of your non-physical self through you. Remember, this is a feeling game. So even if you think you have let it through, if you aren’t feeling excited, happy, joyous, enthusiastic, you aren’t positively focused.


Your non-physical self is not desiring for you to let this situation play out and watch it unfold. It desires for you to focus in the way you want things to go so it can flow towards desires, what feels good, what is loved, what is liked, what is appreciated. You are the director, the story teller, the artist, the creator.


No matter what experience you are having now, it is possible to fully open the door way and let the energy flow through. As it takes no time for the shadow to disappear when the curtain is flung wide open, it takes no time to change the appearance of an experience. Due to developed habits of thinking though, it may take some time to change the habits. But start where you are.


There is only one thing you need to do. No matter what you are experiencing, shift your focus in such a way to let as much energy through you as possible. And the non-physical aspect of yourself will do the rest. Use your mind only to come up with ways to focus the energy. This is what I meant by tell a different story.


We tell a story by what we think, believe, write, say, give our attention to. To get your energy moving, try telling stories that feel outrageously good. There will be times when you need to focus on what is going on but do that only when necessary and then shift your focus only to what feels good. Find 10 things that make you feel really good and bask in those, focus on those, spend as much time as possible doing those.


…Go swimming
…Ride your bike in the park
…Put on some music and sing at the top of your lungs.
…Watch kids play
…Watch funny movies back to back
…Go see a comedian
…Look through magazines that take your breath away
…Eat an over the top meal
…Read your favorite inspiration poem, story, quotes over and over
…Start looking at each person and finding something to appreciate
…Write out what you loved about your initial move to ….
…Write out what is working in your life (good health, food you love, freedom in US)
…Go through your memories and pull out those that feel good to tell and think about them, write about them
…Write out what works with the judicial system.
…Write out what you love about yourself.


Use your mind to… “Think on these things…” This will align your thoughts and your mind with your non-physical self, which will cause the fullness of your true Self to rush through you, leaving you with wonderful feelings of appreciation, joy, happiness, et cetera.


Start mastering this one thing, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness…and all other things will be added to you.”


By Faith
One learning to be truly helpful

Thanks Faith!

Affirm or Deny, Bless or Curse

I was speaking with a friend about “affirmations” among other things, last night. Her stance on the so called “affirmations” of others was that they do not work for her because they seem “fake.”  I relate to her sentiment as I have a similar uneasiness adopting another’s words or phrases to address my unique set of circumstances or to fuel my individual desires.  My affirmations become meaningful when I assign them purpose.

Our ancestors practiced the use of utterances, even in naming their children.  Some contemporary cultures still do. Those who take such care know that uttering their offspring’s names empowers them to live out their destiny. So also, the sentiments we verbalize have power either to affirm or deny our intended purposes and desires. Words come alive with power when we infuse them with intent, emotion, and desire. Isn’t this the point of speaking affirmations or denials? Without these fortifications, words are empty.

On the other hand, mindful mantras have as much power as the mindless chatter of slogans, catchwords, or catchphrases that we repeat to ourselves and our loved ones with emotion.  In a conscious moment we affirm our desires, and in the next passion heated moment, we deny ourselves the very desires of our hearts.

Careless words spoken to ourselves and our loved ones often are in exasperation, and intended to discourage negative behavior. Many examples come to mind.  “You major in minors and minor in majors!” “I always get the short end of the stick.” “I never win anything!” “You’ll never amount to anything, just like . . . .” Need I go on? You get the drift. But, without fail, those situations remain or worsen. Why? Because our words are energy.

Whether we affirm or deny, bless or curse, or simply “say it is,” or “say it is not,” we imbue our words with meaning and power. When we are careful in our speech, we can be strong with our words. We can call into existence what we desire, rather than that we are trying to resist. Awareness of the energetics of words is part of synergistic living.

Word Economy boosts World Economy

When was the last time you misspoke, talked way too much, or wished you could recant words that set in motion a chain of events turning your world topsy-turvy?

Sometimes, I observe my own chatter, and that of others in particular situations or just during the course of an ordinary day.  More often than not, we seem to chit-chat automatically without really meaning what we say or saying exactly what we mean. Some chatter goes on without pause as incessant, “meaningless,” sometimes unintelligible streams of consciousness.

When we become relaxed around those with whom we are most familiar, we tend to open the flood gates of our lips and just let it pour, any and all of it. Unfortunately, these recipients get the brunt of our frustrations, disappointments, anger, and painful sadness whether or not they had any role at all in causing it.  Once the injurious words are out, their harm is difficult to repair.

What if, for just one hour, or a day, we practice word economy by censoring and rationing our words, saying only what is necessary, to whom it counts, and not a word more to anyone? What if, instead of reprimanding others, we instruct ourselves? What if the only sentiments we speak to ourselves are positive, inspirational, loving, and kind?  What if minding our own business becomes the order of the day? Then, the extraneous expenditure of verbal energy would be preserved for greater use; and the powerful, conscious, deliberate speech would have greater value, higher purpose, and deeper meaning.  Would operating at these higher frequencies change our worlds on both the micro and macro levels?

If we create worlds through our words, then the worlds we are experiencing are the worlds we have created. Words stem from thought forms on which we ruminate/meditate day and night.  Words are verbalized sound, traveling along frequencies, gaining momentum and producing “like” action.  If our worlds displease us, we can re-create new worlds beginning with ideas, thoughts, and our self-empowered words.

Thank you for joining me in the Whole Life Synergy Zone!

As we conclude our first quarter of blogging about Whole Life Synergy, thank you for reading and commenting.  Please stay tuned as we continue exploring wholeness as a way of being, and practicing synergy as a better way of living.

Seleta J. Bright

Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts?

We hear that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Is it really? If so, why, and how? Critical thinkers examine the accuracy of this axiom. As one with a “penchant for words,” I’ll stick to the basics, avoiding intellectual, scientific arguments of the mathematically inclined.

Adding parts of a set yields the total sum of the set, whether the parts are arranged individually or as a set. From this viewpoint, the entire set is equal to its parts. However, in practical application, something more than the number and kind of parts comprising the set can make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. The quality of the parts fitting together comprising the whole as a system determines the accuracy of our thesis.

Whenever we desire to ascertain whether the “whole” of anything is greater than the sum of its parts, we must first examine its parts for completeness within themselves. The parts themselves must be of such quality as to support the objective of the whole (system) when fitting together in form and function, not merely in number or kind. Cells and organs comprising a physical body as well as atoms and molecules constituting matter are illustrative of the former.

In hindsight, we can deconstruct a systemic whole, examine its parts, and explain its fit and function.  With knowledge and foresight, we can predict the likely reaction of parts when combined in sufficient number and particular kind. In either instance, the distinction lies in the quality of the parts’ form, fit, and function as relating to the objective or purpose of the whole.

In Whole Life Synergy, we learn more about form, function, and fitness of mind, body, spirit. We learn to synchronize energy to accomplish the quality of life we desire to live. Mind, body, spirit comprise whole individuals, rather than a mere set of parts which are similar in number or kind. Mind-body-spirit is creative form, fit, and function supportive of soul’s purpose, journey, or incarnation.

Happy Solstice Everyone!

As Midwinter approaches, we order our thoughts in observance of all things sacred.  Natural phenomena have their origins in spirit. Therefore, we seek the underlying spirit, or spiritual meaning of all things.

The following seven universal principles can assist our knowledge of physical manifestations from a spiritual perspective.




  1. Mentalism (All things begin in mind; form: Idea → thought → speech → deed.)
  2. Vibration (Energy is in constant motion. We experience Energy’s constant motion via our sense modalities: e.g., hearing and feeling sound, seeing light and feeling the intensity of its heat, feeling and hearing wind, etcetera.)
  3. Rhythm (the constant motion of Energy can be measured by frequency; as the ebbing and flowing of tides at a specific rate of speed or recurrence.)
  4. Polarity (Opposites/Duality, where both meet at the center of the spectrum.)
  5. Correspondence (As Above, So Below and As Below, So Above; or Macrocosm/Microcosm.)
  6. Cause and Effect (All things have both their cause and effect according to law; Causality or Consequentialism.)
  7. Gender (Masculine/Feminine or Ying/Yang.)[i]

Becoming still to comprehend these principles can result in our knowing whatever we need to know whenever we need to know it.


[i] The Seven Great Hermetic Principles of the Egyptian Wisdom God Thot, Le Kybalion, by Three Initiates, 1908, The Yogi Publication Society, Masonic Temple, Chicago, Ill.

More about “Wholeness”

So far in our discussion of “wholeness,” we have touched on its meaning in the abstract; and then later, more concretely as it relates to the multi-dimensional aspects of our being.  Now, let’s delve more into a discussion of wholeness relating to the three aspects of our being.  That is, mind-spirit-body.

Scientists used to say we use only a small percentage of our brain power over our life time.  Have you ever wondered how that could be so, especially given that we work so hard to solve problems, promote causes, and/or earn a living? Scientists of all kinds invent phenomenal schemes, apparatuses, and gadgets that advance technology, easing our way of life by leaps and bounds. Do they fail to use most of their brain capacity too?  Could geniuses be the exception to this general proposition?

If minute usage of our overall human capacity occurs across the board, then it is plausible that we are more awesome than we credit ourselves as being. If mind is 90% to 60% more capable than generally we experience, then we have much more utility than that we’ve previously imagined.  If the same applies to our spiritual and physical capabilities, hadn’t we better get about the business of discovering our fuller potentials?

Whether the brain usage proposition is mythical or factual, we figure that by applying more balance in our daily living we could get fuller use of our physical bodies, mental capacity, and spiritual awareness.  Conditioning exercises, along with fresh air (oxygen), health-promoting diets, adequate rest and relaxation, and proper bodily care would support balanced living. Whenever I mention body, it is necessary also to include mind and spirit. Therefore, if we apply similar mental and spiritual treatments of exercise, diet, rest and relaxation, as well as care, we can achieve overall balance and fuller use of our capacities.

On the other hand, we ponder our use versus abuse of these aspects of being.  What hour of a work day demarcates the end of one’s balanced work and the beginning of overwork, exhaustion, or abuse? At what stages of physical or mental exercise do we draw a line between too little, enough, or too much?  At what point within ourselves do we sense that we are neglecting ourselves spiritually?  Is there a happy medium among these aspects of being, and if so, where could it take us, and how would we know when we’ve arrived?

Restoring Wholeness

Restoring wholeness to ourselves, or more correctly, to our persons, is a matter of shifting our energetic paradigm.  Most of us have been lulled into a waking dream state, and our present use of energy is largely by default.  But, once we remember how it works we will toggle from default mode to deliberate practice. We will recall that it is our choice to harness or expend the energy that is available for our use.

Beginning with the premise that energy is neither created nor destroyed, energy/matter is everywhere, all the time, in one form or another.  We cannot destroy one to create another.  Rather, we transmute one form into another expression; giving new form and substance to our experiences.

Energy available for our use comes in the form of vitality that fortifies us spiritually, mentally, and physically.  In addition, energy/matter can become resources of talent, money, or other assets.  Also, energy exists in form as time, and the continual ability to harness and expend energy in our daily cycles.  While “harnessing” refers to controlling or using, “expending,” denotes spending or using up.

What we are experiencing on the physical plane reflects what we have already harnessed or expended energetically. If we are currently experiencing something that we do not desire, we can examine how that came to be, then allow it to pass as we shift to harnessing or expending a different kind of energy: one that is synonymous with what we prefer to experience.

The “Whole” in Whole Life Synergy

In this and the next blog posts I will discuss more about the components of Whole Life Synergy as a systemic approach. Here, beginning with “whole” or “wholeness,” we accept that it means complete, entire, in one piece, all of something, lacking nothing, an unbroken/undamaged state. Its opposite refers to fragmented, piecemeal, a broken or damaged state.  The Whole Life Synergy System teaches us that we can become whole. That is, we can restore health to ourselves on every level of personal being.

The first step to becoming whole is recognizing what is broken, damaged, incomplete or lacking.  That is fairly easy for most of us to detect. We see it in our lack of health, wealth, and joy.  Sadly, many of us have come to accept these states as par for the course of living. Having grown so accustomed to pain, struggle, and confusion, we feel entitled to just being able to “cope” with our circumstances in life.

Once we ourselves have discovered a lack of personal wellness in any part, we must address our need(s). If the damage is beyond our own abilities to repair, we seek help from experts in the appropriate fields of practice. Gone are the days when we eschew mental health care, or assume that religious service attendance is the catchall spiritual remedy. We must assume responsibility for direct attention to ourselves on every level.

Wholeness translates into healthy functioning of body, mind, and spirit. Wellness in the body is reflected in mind and spirit.  Mental health affects the spirit and body as well. Spiritual upliftment boosts positive energy affecting body and mind.  Therefore, in Whole Life Synergy we address the needs of the whole person by aiming for physical conditioning, mental development, as well as spiritual cultivation.  By restoring ourselves to wholeness, we can bring wholeness to what matters around us.

Response 2 to November 5, 2017 Contact Message

Dear Blog Reader: thank you for your message advising where to amplify points for discussion. The first contact message came in two parts. My response to part one appeared in the previous blog posting, and my response to part two follows below the quoted message.

Contact From Website
On this website you stated that In the whole life synergy zone we Cease excessive ‘doing’ in exchange for being. Since when has just “being” been a viable alternative to working hard towards your dreams? You get out of life what you put into it.Much for little? Now that works?

In the Whole Life Synergy system we learn the importance of “being” in lieu of “excessively ‘doing’.”  This is not to say we do nothing. Rather, it is to say we focus more energy being who we truly are instead of diffusing energy in activities that substitute (and seek to compensate) for our failure to be ourselves.  Again, this Whole Life Synergy system applies to people who are ready to know themselves at the core of their Being, and allow their true “Being” to radiate outward through the power of thought, word, and deed.

Owning our Roles Blog Post #3 referred to the earth’s sun as a metaphor.  The sun naturally is aglow, whether it is from burning gases or nuclear fusion.  By its nature and creative design, it is powerful beyond comparison to other forms of light, producing energy to warm, light, aid in photosynthesis, heal, and more. The sun needs to do nothing outside of its nature, yesterday, today, and until.

Nature and knowledge of our true Selves can teach us about being. When we learn more about the nature of our Being, automatically, we cease needing to do so much because naturally our gifts radiate outward and accomplish their purposes.  When we live our purpose, activity flows almost effortlessly.  We look up and minutes, sometimes hours have passed while we were engrossed in activities that bring us joy and fulfillment.  This is part of our “being.”