About Whole Life Synergy

Whole Life Synergy is a practice of synchronizing personal energy through realignment with the natural order of our universe. Using various analogies in nature and technology, we explore life management styles and process improvement techniques to help you align with your locus of power.

Applying equally to individuals, groups, and business processes, Whole Life Synergy offers help in maximizing outcomes while changing with the times. Global trends have caused many people to feel compelled to live less, on less, and to expect less, while doing more, and more, and more. Hard workers are burning out. Even the most successful people among us are becoming frustrated and discouraged by “wheel-spinning” the status quo.  Many people feel as though they are getting nowhere despite their tremendous personal efforts. They are running fast in place on a virtual treadmill of existence.

Enough already! It is time to remember that you can thrive by finding your own unique purpose, realigning with nature’s original intention for you, and allowing synchronized energy to fuel your efforts to achieve maximum results in whatever gifts and talents you possess. As one who has had to rebound from surprise technical knockouts (TKOs) a few times, I can attest that most falls, regardless how hard and low, are redeemable for you so long as you are living and willing. You can unblock and redirect the flow of energy in your experience.

Whole Life Synergy is an ease-practicing discipline. It helps you discover your locus of personal power irrespective of religious belief, station in life, or circumstance. The Whole Life Synergy system is designed to support pathways to becoming whole in every aspect of living.

Whole Life Synergy is NOT medical, psychological, or religious advice. Rather, it offers a guided support to individuals and groups toward realizing their personal and professional successes. It is designed for those who desire change, direction, upward mobility and momentum. If you simply desire to recharge your personal battery, you too have come to the right place.

Everyone has gifts, talents, or fortunes. Whole Life Synergy gets to the heart of the goodness of creating what you desire from what you already have to live more fully. It returns you to your essence, and you discover how synchronized energy produces more from less. You will begin to experience synergy as a complete and timeless continuum.