Seleta J. Bright

Seleta J. Bright

The natural order of creation results in wholeness and harmony.  Whenever I align with nature, everything in the energy field shifts accordingly.  Sometimes the results look magical or even miraculous; but, simply it is the natural order standing apart from all that previously I had accepted as “my situation,” “my circumstance,” “my predicament,” or “my life.”

I have enjoyed more fortune than misfortune in life. Blessed with talent and innate potential, I have found opportunity wherever I have landed.  But, unnatural modes of operating in our world have caused some key choices to produce results opposite of those I had intended.  Eventually, tiring from that pattern and its struggles, light shone and I started connecting cause to effect and so much more.

I had been journaling my thoughts and experiences to make sense of the recurring chaos in particular areas of my life.  The puzzle was so intriguing, the predicaments so ridiculous and sometimes hilarious, that I wrote them in a book and eventually published it under the title of Pearl’s Oyster, A Memoir.  Some who have read my book suggested adapting it into a screen play for wider exposure of the narrative.  Others have requested we convene group discussions exploring various aspects of my story because those experiences are universal, and sharing in that manner would benefit many.  Agreeing with my readers, the purpose here is to share in the exchange of wisdom, not so much the pain.  I do not discount the pain, however, because it was that pain and confusion that drove me to a point of demanding my own change.

Life continues to be my teacher. As I become a better student, I learn even more about life, wholeness, and the power of synergy in aligning with my purpose and living it.  I am excited about the prospect of connecting with you and mutually sharing our paths, this wisdom, and the new experiences that are sure to follow as a result.  Thank you for joining me in the shift to Whole Life Synergy.


Pearls Oyster A Memoir by Seleta J BrightPearl’s Oyster, A Memoir is a coming of age story, fast paced, and gripping. It follows Clarissa (nicknamed Pearl) along her journey into unfamiliar worlds as she struggles to grow up and make sense of source family dynamics. Seeing their wider implications across other landscapes of her life – school, work, religion, and other relationships, Clarissa begins a quest to resolve a decades-old mystery.

At the dawning of mid-life, Clarissa began re-evaluating her familial roles. A well-disguised reality began unveiling itself, beginning with Clarissa’s mother, the “virtuous” matriarch’s uncharacteristic self-undoing, sudden death, and the exhausting aftermath that followed. Daring to investigate the meaning of so much chaos, Clarissa’s inquisitiveness opened more intrigues, which pushed everything to a breaking point.

Pearl’s Oyster is that rare multi-generational memoir which is sure to pull you in and hold you close until the last page is turned.

The author, Seleta J. Bright, is a trained musician and lawyer. She’s an avid reader, traveler, educator, and entrepreneur. Pearl’s Oyster, A Memoir is her first book.